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Is Gold A Good Investment

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Physical Gold IRA – Tangible Assets to Protect Your Portfolio Today

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Start As A Gold Investor….

If you opened a retirement account through Regal Assets during 2002, and you decided to put physical gold in IRA in the amount of $33,000, you would have made a 427.62% return on your investment. Here’s how your money would have grown in two year increments:

Gold IRA investing example

As you can see, everyone that connected with Regal Assets back in 2002, and especially those who have connected with them more recently, have seen some incredible returns on their physical Gold IRA retirement accounts. I don’t know about you, but those are simply staggering numbers and they’re way better than any type of savings account, mutual fund, stock or treasury bills you could ever possibly own.

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Why I Can Benefit From Physical Gold IRA?

For starters, the main thing you need to realize is that gold and other precious metals have been booming in price for about 11 years now. I mean think about this for a second…

Since 2001, the value of gold has gone up over 600%. The value of silver I believe is actually even more than that, and it still trades at roughly $33 an ounce. Indeed, it’s a very low barrier to entry as well. Thus there’s a lot of potential to make a tremendous return on your investment. And this is even so today. I know you might be afraid that precious metals have already run their course. To be honest, that’s the right way to think. However,  have you seen the correct information? If not, I will share it with you right now.

There are certain situations in which a physical gold IRA investing account will thrive.

The first is when the economy is in bad shape. When a country (or many different countries, for that matter) struggles financially, the value of their currency also takes a hit in a negative way. Let’s use the US dollar as an example…

On any given day in the marketplace, if the US dollar has dropped in value, 99% of the time gold, silver and other precious metals will rise in value. Of course there is the rare occasion when precious metals don’t rise, but that is usually due to an outside influence that has nothing to do with the US dollar per se.

One of the main reasons to open a retirement account and put physical gold in IRA is because of the struggling economy at this time. It’s not safe to invest your money in the stock market because you never know when it’s going to crash again. You can’t put your money in a regular savings account because you’ll pay more money in fees each year then you’ll earn in interest. It’s literally like throwing your money out the window.

So what you do? Where do you safely invest your money?  Well you put it into a precious metal IRA.

The second situation where putting physical gold in IRA makes sense is when the price of Nymex crude oil is on the rise.

If you don’t know what Nymex crude oil is, it’s the oil specifically used to create gasoline, and it is one of its main purposes. So, as gas prices rise in value, the price of gold and precious metals will rise right along with it. I’m not going to go into unnecessary detail as to why these two items move in tandem, but it’s important to know that they do. Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you see just as much as I do that gas prices are creeping back up to extremely high levels once again.

And because of this, you could bet your bottom dollar that the value of gold, silver and precious metals will rise right along with it. I don’t know about you, but this is the ideal type of insider information that can really make people a lot of money.

So if you’re in this to make money for your retirement – and I really hope you are – then you need to recognize this sign and capitalize on it while it’s happening today.

Can Gold In IRA Act As Downside Protection To My Other Investments?

Of course it CAN!

This is one of the main reasons why investors have always flocked to precious metals during a rough economic point in history. Not only is this a great way to protect the other investments you have, but it’s also an excellent way to round out your portfolio so that you have a diversified group of investments protecting your financial future.

But getting back to downside protection…

When the economy struggles, and all of your other investments unfortunately start to go south, you can look at gold, silver and other precious metals as your one true north. Remember what we said earlier in this article. Precious metals thrive in a bad economy, so while your other investments are losing value, your precious metals are gaining value. And not only that… they’re gaining value at an alarming rate! This not only offsets your other investments, but puts more money in your pocket at the same time.

So if you have any type of retirement account at this point, but it doesn’t allow you physical gold in IRA, then I recommend you initiate a gold IRA rollover as soon as possible.

There is an excellent company on the World Wide Web that can make this transition go over very smoothly for you. They are called Regal Assets, and they have been helping people plan their financial future for over 50 years now.

They’ll help you every step of the way, and make your retirement dreams a faster reality than you ever thought possible.
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